Qi Gong Classes

Qi Gong is a gentle Traditional Chinese health practice, similar to Tai Chi in its flow and pace.

It is part of TCM and can be prescribed in the same way that certain acupoints, lifestyle adjustments and TCM nutritional advice is given to the client.

Katherine teaches the Five Palms method which is a 6 part process learned in 6 weeks and once you have learned it, it is yours for life! It is easy to learn and simple to add to your week, using it from a few minutes to a few hours.

In each class,  participants receive practical instruction and written information to support learning, understanding and practice.

A variety of green and Chinese teas are also served at each class.

Please wear something loose and comfortable, making sure you are warm enough for each location, whether inside or outside.

Katherine can order Kung Fu shoes, elasticated Qi Gong Trousers if you so wish.

Ayntoun Hall, Auchterarder

Day and Time TBC

Muthill Village Hall

Tuesdays @ TBC

Qi Gong Donation

Qi Gong Classes

By Donation

Per Class

45min session

Green and Chinese Teas

Written additional instructions

Physical and Practical Demonstration and Teaching